Up to 60% cleaner indoor air Programmable with smartphone Pure and bacterial/virus freeer air keeps you and your surroundings healthier!
The Donévit health series is made for you. Whether you suffer from headache, muscle aches, arthralgia, skin problems, enlarged prostate or simply want up to 60% more bacterial / virus free indoor air. There is help for all these inconveniences and much more. All products have undergone extensive tests and are approved according to ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 standards as well as CE approval for your safety.

Welcome to a healthier and better life!

The perfect solution to maintain the beauty of your skin and hair! Thousands of people have already received help with oily skin on the face, some type of psoriasis, acne, pimples, pores, hair loss, cellulite and skin recovery after pregnancy as well as weight loss. With a reduced need for creams and oils, you save this investment quickly.
Crown 6
Muscle pain Increases blood circulation Cellulite reduction Treatment of muscle stretching
Headache/migraine Muscular pain Joint discomfort Bruises Much more can treated
Sleepless nights sitting on the toilet, weak "beam". The forces sinar, sexual life becomes suffering. Life becomes stressful. All of this may be due to an enlarged prostate.
You and your health are important to us:
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